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Explore our Wiki to find documentation and an overview of Botium. Various examples are stored in the Samples directory.

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New generation testing


Botium is an open source framework designed to automate chatbot applications. Tests can be recorded or scripted to automatically perform the same interactions that any user could perform manually. This power could be used for testing purposes, to train your chatbot or to automate a conversational interface. It is entirely up to you!
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Continuous chatbot testing infrastructure

Botium Box

On top of Botium we are proud to introdcue Botium Box. A scalable continuous chatbot testing infrastructure including a management platform to maintain test labs and environments, platforms and provider. It comes with fully setup Botium framework and thousands of predefined tests to run out of the Box. And of course, you can seamlessly integrate Botium Box into your environments.
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Onpremise and Cloud


Together with Botium Box we assemble your Onpremise Testlab. Consisting of physical test devices, enterprise rack, hubs with uplink, ventilation, connectivity and security features. And of course everything is connected and setup with Botium Box on a physical server. As an alternative we could also offer cloud solutions.
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Chatbot Provider

Messenger Platforms

Botium supports a growing number of messenger platforms. Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack and Amazon Alexa are only a few examples. And, of course we based Botium on open interfaces. You can use it within every platform, combine it with the programming language of your choice and integrate your own testing frameworks.

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Six important facts on Botium

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* You found a bug in Botium? Please use the Github issue tracker.
* Technical documentation can be found in the Botium Wiki.
* For support questions, please use Stackoverflow
* For our VIP users, a Slack workspace will be available soon.