About us

Welcome to Botium! We create the future of test automation especially for chatbots.

And Botium is even more. We offer services fom Application Development up to Enterprise Consulting.
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Who We Are

Software architects, developer, tester, devops, analysts, designer, founder... and we are all very nice :)


What We Do

We deliver next generation solutions and services for software development and software quality assurance.


How We Do It

We love technology and believe in the Open Source idea. We find the right solutions for our customers.

Short Story About Botium

First steps

After years in development Christoph Börner starts a business to focus on software testing. Agile environments and test driven development require a high degree of test automation.


Chatbots, AI and machine learning are driving the industry like hardly any other topic. According to this hype Florian Treml develops a test automation runner especially for chatbots.

Botium Core

Botium is born. We proudly introduce the first fully integrated continuous testing infrastructure for chatbots. And we make it Open Source because we love technology!

Botium Box

Driven by the community Botium Core grows day by day. To support our customers needs we create the management toolbox Botium Box and provide them with onpremise and cloud Testlabs.

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